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Type: Conference

Subrata Sinha "Open Source Java Libraries and Software Development in Chemoinformatics and Bioinformatics",2013,National Training programme on Chemical Informatics in Biological Research,Jorhat

Type: Conference

Subrata Sinha,Paran Sundar Das,Pallabi Dutta,Supriya Chakraborty,Bishnu Prasad Deori "An open source library for Anesthesia - A package under Medi Java",2013,IEEE Indian Conference on Medical Informatics and Telemedicine (ICMIT),IIT, Kharagpur

Type: Conference

Vishwa Jyoti Baruah,Siddhartha Sankar Satapathy,Bhes Raj Powdel,Suvendra Kumar Ray "Crenarchaea and Euryarchaea are different from each other with respect to amino acid specific favored codons",2013,National Conference on Contemporary Bioinformatics Researches in India,Silchar, Assam, India

Type: Book Chapter

Ashwani Sharma,Surabhi Johari,Bhaskar Mazumdar,Subrata Sinha "Bioinformatics and Pharmacogenomics: Tools to Understand and Accelerate Infectious Disease Control",2018,Genomics-Driven Healthcare,Springer Nature