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Type : Journal Paper
Title: Amorphous to nanocrystalline transition in HWCVD Si:H films by substrate temperature variation
Journal Name: Physica Status Solidi C
Authors: Purabi Gogoi,Himanshu S. Jha,Dinesh Deva,Pratima Agarwal
Broad Area: Physics
Sub Areas: Amorphous silicon solarcell,hot wire chemical vapour deposition,AFM
Publication Year: 2010
Peer reviewed : yes
Volume: 7
ISSUE: 3--4
Page No.: 592-595
ISSN: 1610-1642
Impact Factor: 0.55
Web Link: doi/10.1002/pssc.200982824
Keywords: PACS 68.37.Og,68.55.-a,78.66.Jg,78.67.Bf,81.05.Gc,81.15.Gh