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Type : Journal Paper
Title: Di-iron aza diphosphido complexes: mimics for the active site of Fe-only hydrogenase, and effects of changing the coordinating atoms of the bridging ligand in [Fe2{ยต-(ECH2)2NR}(CO)6],
Journal Name: Inorganic Chemistry
Authors: Pankaj Das,J.F. Capon,F. Gloaguen,F.Y. Petillon,P. Schollhammer,J. Talarmin,K.W. Muir
Broad Area: Chemistry
Publication Year: 2004
Peer reviewed : yes
Volume: 43
Page No.: 8203-8205
ISSN: 1520-510X
Impact Factor: 4.76
Keywords: Bio inorganic,hydrogenase modelling