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Type : Journal Paper
Title: Mixed Convective MHD Flow With Heat And Mass Transfer Of An Elastico-Viscous Fluid From A Vertical Surface With Ohmic Heating In Presence Of Radiation
Journal Name: Journal of Fluids and Thermal Sciences
Authors: Rita Choudhury,Debasish Dey
Broad Area: Mathematics
Sub Areas: Fluid Dynamics
Publication Year: 2012
Peer reviewed : yes
Volume: 1
Page No.: 131-143
ISSN: 2231-1424
Web Link: http://www.mililink.com/issue_content.php?id=64&iId=221&vol=1&is=2&mon=June&yer=2012&pg=85-250
Keywords: elastico- viscous,MHD,rasiation,Ohmic heating perturbation scheme