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Type: Journal

L.B.Gogoi,Paramananda Deka "Ion acoustic Solitary Waves in inhomogeneous Plasmas.",2011,Voyager, A Journal of Science

Type: Journal

L.B.Gogoi,Paramananda Deka "Solitary waves in weakly inhomogeneous plasma with nonthermal electrons",2015,Far East Journal of Applied Mathematics

Type: Journal

L.B.Gogoi,Paramananda Deka "Propagation of Ion-acoustic Solitary Waves in Inhomogeneous Plasmas",2013,Mathematical Science International Research Journal

Type: Conference

L.B.Gogoi,Paramananda Deka "Soliton Propagation in weakly Inhomogeneous Plasmas with non Thermal Electrons",2015,International Conference on frontiers in Mathematics'2015,Gauhati University

Type: Conference

L.B.Gogoi,Paramananda Deka "Evolution of Ion Acoustic Solitary Waves in Inhomogeneous Plasmas",2012,International Conference on Mathematical Sciences'2012(ICMS 2012),Nagpur, Maharastra