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Type: Journal

R. Sen,S. Chakrabarti,B. Sengupta,M. De,A. Haldar,S. Poddar,B. Gajra,G. Talukdar,Sarthak Sengupta "Alpha thalassaemia among tribal populatopn of eastern India",2005,Haemoglobin

Type: Journal

S.S. Chatterjee,T. Rudra,S. Chakrabarty,S. Poddar,B. Sengupta,D. Biswas,Sarthak Sengupta "GST and CYP polymorphisms related to tea drinking and oral pathology",2008,International Journal of Human Genetics

Type: Journal

T. Rudra,B. Das,B. Sengupta,S. Chakrabarty,S. Sengupta "Health satus of female tea garden workers and incidence of anaemias among them",2009,Journal of the Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences

Type: Journal

S.S. Chatterjee,S. Chakrabarty,B. Sengupta,S. Poddar,D. Biswas,Sarthak Sengupta,Geeta Talukdar "Prevalence of CYP1A1 and GST polymorphism in the populations of North East India and suceptibility of oral cancer.",2009,Oncology Research

Type: Journal

S.S. Chatterjee,S. Dhar,B. Sengupta,Sarthak Sengupta,L. Majumdar,S. Chakrabarty "Co-existence of haemoglobinopathies and iron deficiencies in the development of anemias in the tribal populations of Eastern India.",2011,Journal of Tribes and Tribals

Type: Journal

B. Das,B. Sengupta,S. Chakrabarty,T. Rudra,Sarthak Sengupta "Incidence of amemia among the female tea garden workers in a tea plantation in upper Assam, India",2012,Journal of Indian Medical Association

Type: Book Chapter

M. De,S. Poddar,B. Sengupta,A. Haldar,S. Chakrabarty,R. Sen,Sarthak Sengupta,Geeta Talukdar "Incidence of haemoglobinopathies associated with anaemia in population of North East India",2004,Recent Advances in Genetics and Health,Osmania University,Hyderabad