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Type: Journal

B.R. Powdel,Siddhartha Sankar Satapathy,Aditya Kumar,Pankaj Kumar Jha,Alak Kumar Buragohain,Munindra Borah,Suvendra Kumar Ray "A Study in Entire Chromosomes of Violations of the Intra-strand Parity of Complementary Nucleotides (Chargaff's Second Parity Rule)",2009,DNA Research

Type: Journal

Suvendra Kumar Ray,Alak Kumar Buragohain,Shuvam Sen "A simple approach to estimate the minimum bending angle between the two adjacent codons on a mRNA to overcome the steric hindrance between the anticodon stemloops of two tRNA molecules binding to the codons",2008,ICFAI University Journal of Biotechnology

Type: Journal

Suvendra Kumar Ray,Vishwa Jyoti Baruah,Siddhartha Sankar Satapathy "Co-translational protein folding reveals the selective use of synonymous codons along the coding sequence of a low expression gene",2014,Journal of Genetics

Type: Journal

Vishwa Jyoti Baruah,Siddhartha Sankar Satapathy,Bhes Raj Powdel,Suvendra Kumar Ray "Comparative analysis of codon usage in Crenarchaean and Euryarchean genome reveals differential preference of synonymous codons to encode ribosomal and RNA polymerase proteins",2016,Journal of Genetics

Type: Conference

B.R. Powdel,Aditya Kumar,Pankaj Kumar Jha,Siddhartha Sankar Satapathy,Munindra Borah,Alak Kumar Buragohain,Suvendra Kumar Ray "Frequency  distribution of complimentary nucleotides and Intra-Strand parity in chromosomes: an approach to the Parity Rule II",2008,16th Annual International Conference Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology organized by International Society for Computational Biology,Metro Toronto Convention Centre (South Building) Toronto, Canada